Africa Heir Hunters


Africa Heir Hunters specialises in asset realisation, largely in central southern Africa. Many people during the colonial period invested in over-the-counter shares and property that had little value in the turbulent years that followed independence. With intimate knowledge of the bureaucratic and legal terrain across a variety of jurisdictions – namely Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe – the Africa Heir Hunters team is ideally situated to realise the value of any inherited shares and property.

In order to deal with any notion of scams given widespread incidents of fraud, African Heir Hunters does not solicit any costs or commissions before the realisation of assets. In any matter relating to the sale of property or shares, no commission is payable until the funds are in possession of the client. We will NEVER ask you for funds or any payment upfront in these matters. Clients are simply required to sign a basic mandate with an undertaking to pay the agreed commission on the sale of the property and/or shares.

With a wide range of skill sets among the team, Africa Heir Hunters can also arrange certain forms of identification (such as long birth certificates), and can also arrange for family searches, genealogy and people tracking. Please see our testimonial section.

Having a wide footprint on the continent, Africa Heir Hunters also has offices in London and is a Member of the Heir Hunters Association