Susanna Coleman

SusannaSusanna Coleman has a family history steeped in Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

From Methodist Missionaries, to the translator of the first Shona Bible, the first airmail delivery in Africa and a secretary to Rhodesian Prime Minister Lord Malvern, she often finds personal links to the beneficiaries of her heir hunts.

“Once, I read a will in which a named godchild also inherited an amount of money.

This godchild was a schoolmate of my mother’s who I knew well because one of her kids was my own mother’s godchild. The heir had been difficult to find as we only had her maiden name. It turned out that she had had lunch with my mother last year.

Her address and phone number were in my mother’s diary…”

When not doing heir hunting she works in Prevention of Blindness, and is currently studying Health Economics at UCT.